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General Law


A person may apply for an apprehended domestic violence order or an apprehended personal violence order if that person can show fear of physical violence, damage to property, harassment, intimidation or offensive behaviour or that person is being stalked.

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For professional Building and Construction Law advice

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What happens when a partnership breaks down? What happens when a partner dies? Should you have a partnership agreement? What happens if you don’t have a partnership agreement and the partnership falls apart?

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This area of law has become very technical. You will only have one “bite at the cherry”. Strict time limits apply to the commencement of your claim or you may lose the right to claim. It must be prepared legally and medically.

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The sale and purchase of real estate is one of the most important life decisions. It is crucial to engage a solicitor experienced in conveyancing law and practice who can advise and provide assistance to you in relation to every aspect of the transaction. 

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What are your rights if you are contacted by the Police and you are asked to attend a police station to give a statement in relation to allegations made against you? Can you refuse to provide a statement? 

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There are a number of types of offences which relate to consumption of alcohol. The most common are PCA and DUI offences. There are five separate PCA offences.

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Marriage breakdown is a stressful time. Breakdown of marriage enabling an application for divorce to be filed is established by separation for one year. Separation may be established by living separately and apart in different residences or under the one roof.

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Are you owed money? The Local Court has jurisdiction in money claims up to an amount of $100,000.00. Any claim in excess of this amount up to $750,000.00 must be commenced in the District Court. 

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Don’t be fooled into preparing your own will. Like buying or selling a house, making a will is a major life decision. The terms of your will impacts on those family members who might reasonably expect to receive some benefit from your estate and may lead to such a person disputing your will in court.

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