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Criminal Law

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What are your rights if you are contacted by the Police and you are asked to attend a police station to give a statement in relation to allegations made against you? Can you refuse to provide a statement? Do you understand the nature and the seriousness of the allegations made against you? Can you be arrested and denied bail? How is a bail application made and to which court?

What is said and done by you in a criminal matter has serious consequences. You need the right advice. This firm can provide that advice to you.

  • Appeals

  • Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)

  • Asset Forfeiture

  • Bail

  • Committal Hearings

  • Criminal Trial Defence

  • Defences

  • Drink Driving Matters

  • Freezing Orders

  • Jail

  • Local Court Matters

  • Notice of Pleading

  • Penalties

  • Plea Bargaining

  • Police Accountability

  • Sentencing & Mental Health Issues

Contact us for assistance on Criminal Law.

Hannams Solicitors are your local family solicitors. We cover all areas of Sydney including the Northern Beaches, North Shore and the Hills District. Call us today to discuss your legal needs.

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